Information for Parents

Learn more about our parent handbook, weekly rates, inclement weather policy and special events at Grace Edgett Child Development Center.

Parent Handbook

Our Parent Handbook has information about our policies and procedures for current and prospective families.

Our Rates

As a nonprofit outreach ministry, Grace Edgett strives to keep our weekly rates affordable for families. Below is a list of our current rates, which have only increased once in the past four years. Please note that there is a one-time enrollment fee of $50 per family. All rates include breakfast, lunch and a snack for every child, every day!
Full-time rates
Infant class: $165 per week
One-year old class:  $160 per week
Two-year old class:  $160 per week
Three-year old class:  $155 per week
Four-year old class:  $155 per week
Five-year old class:  $155 per week
Part-time rates


Four days per week Three days per week
One-year olds
$137 per week
$135 per week
$120 per week
$120 per week
Two-year olds $135 per week $120 per week
Three-year olds $131 per week $120 per week
Four-year olds
Five-year olds
$131 per week
$131 per week
$120 per week
$120 per week
We offer a $10 discount per week for families that enroll multiple children in our program.

Inclement Weather Policy

While we make every effort to stay open during normal business days, there are rare occasions when we have to close due to inclement weather. In these situations, the closing information will be posted on Local 12.